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“I was lucky enough
to have Denise Baylis guiding me throughout the entire college admissions process, helping me choose the right schools to apply to and to create and perfect my essays and supplements...Ultimately her guidance, support and kind nature have helped me to achieve my dream of attending Cornell University. The skills I acquired with
her will remain with me for
a lifetime.”   

 - Alana S.
   Cornell University 2017

Your child is certainly

more than a collection of test scores, GPA, activities and a few essays. Open Door works holistically, one-on-one, to get to know your student well in order to identify his/her unique strengths, talents and achievements (some that a student doesn’t always know s/he possesses!). We make note of any gaps, whether academic, extracurricular or other, and identify any special circumstances, such as a learning  challenge.



It’s all about FIT

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Welcome to Open Door

Our goal is to make the college search, application and admissions process less stressful for students and their families. We aspire to have this special time become an opportunity for student self-reflection and self-discovery. While

getting to know your student’s personality, strengths, interests, skills, achievements and goals, we can help your teen find or define an academic direction while clarifying any confusion or indecision.



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Identifying "good fitting" colleges and universities should be the most important aspect of your college search. When a college or university meets all of your needs and criteria, and vice versa, we can consider it to be a good fit. Your personal search criteria should consist of these essential "fit factors": Academics, Logistics, Social, Special Needs (such as a learning challenge) and very importantly, Financial. 
The key is to “try on” many different schools to find the best fitting ones. You will undoubtedly find many!

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There will likely be many good “fits” in the course of your college search.

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