Supervision of college application and supplement completion (up to 10 schools), including:
• Institutional, Universal or Common Application and supplements
• Essay brainstorming, organization, review and editing


Our Most Popular Package!

Many students choose to begin working with us in their Sophomore or Junior year. However, planning can begin as early as 8th or 9th grade so that the student is academically prepared for high school and college. Package includes:

• College Major and Career Exploration (10th through 12th grades)
• High School transcript review and evaluation; curriculum planning
• Extra-curricular and summer activity review and assessment
• Standardized test planning
• Creation of student résumé
• Educate student and parents about college search, application
   and admissions
• SAT/Subject Tests/ACT Test Prep and Tutor Referrals
• Guide students in developing personal college search criteria
• Research and development of initial and final college lists
  with multiple best-fit target, reach and safety/likely schools
• Financial Aid, Merit and Scholarship Consultation and Evaluation
• College Visit and Interview Prep; Correspondence Strategies
• Supervision and review of up to 10 College Applications
  and Supplements; timeline
• Early Decision/Early Action/Regular Decision application strategies
• Test Optional and Test Flexible Schools
• Essay brainstorming, organization, coaching and editing
• Final Decision Consultation
• College consulting for students with special talents, interests   
  and/or learning challenges


A 90 minute session during which we get to know one another and review the student’s courses, transcript, test scores to date, extra-curriculars, talents, sports, interests and any special needs. We then recommend a plan for moving forward.

It's not too early for high school freshmen and parents to start thinking about and planning for the college search, application and admissions process. Open Door Educational Consultants offers personal attention and support to guide your student and you through college preparatory advising including:

• High School transcript review and evaluation; curriculum planning
• Extra-curricular review and assessment
• Summer activity/enrichment advising
• Financial aid review and planning
• PSAT/SAT/Subject Tests, ACT and AP Test Planning
• Test Prep and Tutor referrals
• College planning for students with special talents, interests
   and/or learning challenges


College search based on student and parent selected criteria:

•  Research and development of list with 8 - 10 "best-fit" colleges
    (target, reach and safety/likely)

•  Creation of application and financial aid timeline


• Facilitate Student Self-Discovery through administration
   and evaluation of College Major Exploration and
   Career Assessments

How many 17 year olds really know what major to choose when applying to college, let alone what kind of career would be suitable later on?  Yet many universities and colleges today require that a student apply to a particular college or school within a university, and some even request a second choice major or program.

By administering fun and interactive Interest and Career Assessments, we work closely with your teen to help identify areas of interest, talents and strengths that can lead to satisfying college majors and even careers!

When a student is comfortable with—excited by—what s/he wants to study, essays are easier to write, enthusiasm comes across, demonstrated interest is easier to account for, and admissions officers take note of it.


• Assistance in transition to College or Transfer College
• College-bound strategies for Students with Learning Challenges
• Performing and Visual Artists (See Package)
• College Graduate career and job search counseling

Our services and consultation may be provided in any combination of in-person meetings, phone, Skype, email and texting.
All student and family information is strictly confidential at all times.

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How We Work With You

We’re a team. That’s how we view your student, and that’s our end goal for you, the parents. Each part of the team is charged with fulfilling certain tasks and when these are clearly communicated, agreed upon upfront, and fulfilled in a timely manner, the student is more likely to be successful. We’re all working towards the same objective: admission to colleges and/or universities where your student will be happy, thrive, and find success.

We try to minimize the stress students and families often experience during the college admissions process by encouraging students to have reasonable control over and responsibility for the process, while providing them with structure, deadlines and goals. In this way, your student is practicing the independence, confidence and assertiveness s/he will need to master throughout college and adult life.

Services and Packages


Personal, supportive student and family guidance in the College Search, Application and Admissions Process

Open Door Educational Consultants LLC offers both comprehensive and custom Educational and College Consulting Services to high school and college transfer students. We also counsel college seniors and new college grads in career exploration and job search strategies.

College Search, Application  and Admissions Counseling Tailored to Your Needs

914. 576 .6908

Add-on to Comprehensive Package

• Overview of and Timeline for Audition Process
• Development of Arts Résumé and Artist’s Statement
• Portfolio review and guidance


Open Door has a solid track record of helping college transfer students identify majors and career options and guiding them towards "best fit" schools with the best fitting programs.

• Facilitate Student Self-Discovery through administration and
   evaluation of College Major Exploration and Career Assessments
• Educate student about college transfer application and

   admissions processes
• Research and development of "best fit" college list
• Supervision and review of College Applications and
  Supplements (up to 5 schools); timeline
• Essay brainstorming, organization, coaching and editing
• Financial Aid, Merit and Scholarship Consultation and Evaluation • Final Decision Consultation

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