"As the mom of a college-bound high school student in the midst of the highly competitive and labor intensive process of college admissions, Denise has been indispensable in navigating this complicated journey and making it less stressful.  Her support, experience, and knowledge of all aspects of applying to college made the process so much more manageable. I can't imagine my daughter or I doing it without her!"

- Angela M., New Rochelle, NY

“I cannot thank Denise Baylis enough for all of the help and guidance she gave me. I first came to her because I wanted to transfer to a larger university that would offer me more pathways to explore my interests than my current small liberal arts school offers. However, what I gained after working with her was so much more. Through her one-on-one personal help, I was able to discover that I could major and build a career around my long-term passion for nutritional sciences. Denise never left me in the college search to struggle by myself. She was there for me from helping me explore my interests, to selecting schools, to the application process and to essay editing. Her knowledge of the search, application and admissions process, combined with her compassionate nature and constant support, has truly led me to success. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Denise."

- Maya B., Elmsford, NY

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Our students have been accepted to a wide variety of colleges and universities, such as:

American University

Brandeis University
Binghamton University
Boston University
Cornell University
Dickinson College
Emory University
Franklin and Marshall College
Indiana University Bloomington
Ithaca College

Lehigh University

Miami University of Ohio
Northeastern University
SUNY Geneseo
Syracuse University
Tulane University

University at Albany

University of Delaware

University of Richmond
University of Rochester

University of Maryland, College Park
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Pittsburgh
University of Vermont
Villanova University

“I asked Denise Baylis of Open Door Educational Consultants to aid my son with his college transfer process. We started late in the process so time was of the essence. Denise managed to schedule time to either meet in person, on the phone or via Skype. She worked closely with my son to choose a major, find colleges that would best suit his needs, and meet all of the deadlines to apply. He was accepted to all of the schools he applied to and will be transferring this Fall. I highly recommend Denise as she is teen friendly, professional, thorough and knowledgeable about this daunting process.”

- Maria R., Valley Cottage, NY
  Son Nick is a sophomore at Ithaca College, majoring in TV and Film

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“I came to know Denise Baylis after my daughter had a disappointing freshman year in a small liberal arts college that did not meet her academic needs. My daughter needed focus in identifying a college major and career goal. Denise took my daughter under her wing of experience and guidance. More importantly she boosted her confidence, and my daughter was smiling again. She guided her through the process in a realistic and concrete way. With Denise's help, my daughter was able to choose a college major and career goals that are suited to her personality, interests and academic strengths. Denise is a wealth of information. She helped research the best schools for my daughter, taking into account her transfer status, preferred major, financial need, and application deadlines. And above all, she treated my daughter with respect and understanding. Coincidentally, about 2 hours before writing this testimonial, my daughter received her fourth acceptance for the Fall of 2014! She was accepted all four schools she applied to: Cornell University, Emory University, Boston University and Tulane University. Many thanks to Denise!”

- Michele B., Elmsford, NY

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College applications are extremely stressful and time consuming. Often it becomes difficult to do everything on your own, especially when it comes to writing numerous essays, supplements and going through the editing process. I was lucky enough to have Denise Baylis guiding me throughout the entire college admissions process, helping me choose the right schools to apply to and to create and perfect my essays and supplements. With her guidance I was able to remain organized, choosing the best schools for me and producing a college application that I was truly proud of. The smile and positive attitude that Ms. Baylis brought to every meeting was truly comforting. Ultimately her guidance, support and kind nature have helped me to achieve my dream of attending Cornell University. The skills I acquired with her will remain with me for a lifetime.

- Alana S. Cornell University 2017

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