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A Passion Becomes a Career and an On-Going Education

Denise discovered her passion for College Counseling while guiding her own sons on their very different paths to college. She understood the stress and pressures that teens—and parents—experience during the college-bound process. After talking to many other students and parents, Denise recognized the need for local, knowledgeable and professional college admissions assistance. Her experience with her own sons, and her thorough research and interactions with many parents and students inspired Denise to pursue an education in College Counseling.

While working concurrently with high school and college transfer students, Denise earned a Certificate in College Counseling With Distinction from UCLA. She also provides pro bono college counseling services to financially disadvantaged students and

first generation high school students in her community. 

As a former Vice President of a Fortune 500 media company, Denise brings significant experience in marketing, advertising, branding and promotion to her personalized college consulting practice. Understanding how colleges, universities and college programs brand themselves, how a student fits within those brands, and the student’s written expression of that fit are key aspects of the college application and admissions process that Denise knows so well.

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Denise A. Baylis is the founder of Open Door 
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Denise lives in New Rochelle, NY with her husband. Their older son, Matt, is a surgical resident and younger son, Jordan, is a graduate of the Charles E. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University and currently works in finance for an international television and content company.

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College Search, Application  and Admissions Counseling Tailored to Your Needs

We believe that your student is much more

than a collection of test scores, activities, a

few essays and a GPA.  Open Door Educational Consultants uses a highly personalized approach to get to know your teen as an individual, with unique strengths, talents, achievements and needs.

We offer personalized college counseling services and packages, tailored to fit both your student’s and family’s needs and goals. Working holistically with your teen, one-on-one, we create an overall student profile, identifying his/her strengths, talents and achievements, noting any academic or extracurricular gaps, or any special learning or other challenges. Next, we offer your student an insightful and often revealing exploration of college majors and potential careers to help define your student’s unique college search parameters.

To Students:

We aim to empower you on your college-bound journey by giving you the knowledge, tools and insights to help you and your family make appropriate and well-informed decisions. With more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the US, we believe there are many great college options for you!

“Remember that for every student, there are

likely dozens of “good match” colleges. This isn’t

like hunting the rare pearl in the oyster. Rather,

in college planning, pearls are everywhere.
They are just waiting for you to find them.”

- Steven Antonoff

…Just waiting for you to find them. Students, if you are willing

to explore some of those pearls, you may discover a few perfect--and perfectly unexpected--places to spend your next four years.

“The idea is to be sure that you would be happy to attend every college to which you apply.”
Admission Matters, Springer, Reider and Franck

It is our honor and our pleasure to guide you through the often exciting and self-revealing process of college search, application and admissions.​​

Just walk through our door, and let the journey begin.